Hair Stylist - Preston Penwortham Fulwood - Give Your Hair - a dash of vibrancy - muted shades - ribboning colourThe season is upon us when we need to get our festival hair together! Colour springs to mind! Want an on trend look that has a festival feel with a touch of sophistication?

Well I am already making sure of this for some of you out there but before the date of the festival arrives make sure you book early for those tweaks, refreshes or full colour applications you need to look your best.

Why not rock up those beach waves with a shimmering display of pink dream & jaded mint tones? Stand out in the crowd with intense UV Violet wrapped around around your braids. Make that pixie cut turn heads with a captivating flash of sapphire or amethyst. Complete with lashings of attitude and you’re all set to go.

How To Go Days Without Washing Your Hair

Oh my! The very thought of it! The in between wash conundrum. But it doesn’t have to be that bad or that way at all! First, you can get over all the worry of dry unwashed hair by making sure the style and colour you choose looks good even when messy. Products should be:

  • Easy to apply,
  • easy to cart around, and
  • Do what’s expected!

I can help with the choice of two great dry shampoo products:

Treat Dry Festival Hair When Washing Isnt Practical or Possible - Wella EIMI Dry MeEIMI Dry Me From Wella

Create that volumised, yet controlled eye-catching festival look without the white itchy flakes that some well know brands cause. This will refresh, absorb excess oils without build up so will wash out with no problems when you’re back home.

H2No by Healthy Sexy Hair

Great For Festival Hair When Theres No Water - Sexy Hair H2No

This is a translucent, light, dry shampoo which is layer-able & easy to use. It’s great for any times when you need to have gaps between your usual shampooing routine and actually really does make your hair freshened up & lightweight instead of gunky & heavy. There’s lots more going on in this cannister than meets the eye at first but I can heartily recommend it in a tight corner.

Actually come to think of it there’s a lot more to many hair products than meets the eye, so if you need advice and a competitive price that’s what I am here for.

Call Lisa For Wella & Sexy Hair Products

The Laid Back Hair Look

Last but not least, don’t forget to pack your magi-bobbles for quick, easy hair-up on the go, without creating ridges in your style or strain on your strands. Most Importantly, your hair sun protection spray for safe fun in the sun.
All these tips will ensure that your hair rocks – an effortless look, cared for with the minimum of fuss. Ensure you avoid a big chop and unnecessary spending on corrective treatments when you return home.

What To Do?

So give me, Lisa, a call on 07803-193-976 before the date arrives! Whether it’s Glastonbury or Reading or just a local event it’s nice to make that special effort and relax knowing that the last thing that will let you down is your hair! Now where’s the stage?

Festival Hair Ideas - Collage

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