Master Colour Programme 2016 - Stage 4 PassedIn 7 months I have completed The Master Colour Programme and passed my final exams. This is the highest accolade achievable in hairdressing-equivalent to a degree. I am one of the highest qualified colour technicians in the world and will attend a graduation ceremony in May. 🙂

Wella Professionals is at the heart of the Wella education training programmes. Wella has always stood for beautiful hair and it is what they are all about – and it’s been that way for more than 135 years.

Master Colour Expert

As a Master Colour Expert:

  • I have a complete, scientific and practical understanding of how and where all colours work on the structure of the hair…NO GUESS WORK!
  • I can advise on how health, diet, nutrition and products can affect your hair and scalp.
  • I have access to the highest quality colours and equipment to deliver the most effective, accurate colour result for you. These are unavailable to mobile hairdressers without this qualification.
  • I will offer you a bespoke consultation, taking into account your individual needs, in order to deliver a Couture Colour Service.
  • I will discuss the longevity and maintenance of your style and colour with a long term plan to fit your budget and lifestyle.

The Wella Professional qualification is an intensive course aimed at and taken by the world’s most passionate hair experts.

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