Wella ProfessionalAs a Wella Professional I get asked this question many times. When I am asked I give people my professional advice and for the most part my suggestions work. However, not everyone is brave enough to ask and delaying asking about thinning hair may exacerbate things even more. Waiting until it is too late isn’t advised.

If you are experiencing or staring to experience thinning hair then I have solutions that can make your life easier – and hopefully make you feel much better in yourself and more confident.

Common Causes of Thinning Hair – Childbirth

There are many causes of thinning hair. There are early signs to look out for as well as ways to address the symptoms and feelings associated with it. Thinning Hair After Childbirth can be very stressful. This video explains the causes of hair thinning after childbirth. NIOXIN can help new mothers enjoy thicker and denser looking hair.

Wella Nioxin Hair Treatment For Thinning Hair | Provides A Fuller Hairstyle

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