During the Covid epidemic we have all had to live and work differently. Hair stylists are no exception and we’ve had to comply with the law and re-adjust to meet our customer’s demand.

My duty as your professional stylist is to keep you safe and protected whilst maintaining the standard of treatment you deserve. So, I’m looking forward to welcoming you to your new Sylka Hair experience. This means:

  • I have made sure all safety measures are in place to ensure your safety and maintain complete control over the sterilisation and cleanliness of all equipment and the working environment
  • Minimal time is spent in direct contact with each individual.
  • Consultations will be arranged virtually for all of you prior to your appointment date thus ensuring the time I’m physically with you is spent doing your hair.
  • You will be seen on a one-to-one basis.
  • I constantly review the situation to ensure compliance with lockdown restrictions.

My new way of working may not be convenient for everyone, I fully understand that, but you can enjoy the long awaited experience of your hair appointment in a safe, professional environment.

Any questions? Pick up that phone and give me a call on 07803-193-976 so we can talk through any concerns you might have. If I am busy when you call leave a message and I will get back to you.

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