Having experienced hair loss myself, I absolutely sympathise and understand how this can play havoc with your self esteem! There can be many reasons for hair loss – mine was an iron deficiency! I don’t claim to be medically qualified to diagnose your cause – I’m a hairstylist not a medical specialist – but I do know a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Nioxin Therapy - Sylka Hair - PrestonAs scalp health is important, I have a passion for maintaining the health of the scalp. I have studied to a level where I can technically magnify it to enable you to actually see, with your own eyes, what is happening round your hair follicles. We can decide together if Nioxin will help you.

As a hairdresser, I have always used professional quality shampoo, conditioner & styling products, plus plenty of back-combing! Now, since discovering Nioxin, people remark on how full & thick my hair looks with absolutely no back-combing! Compliments I am happy to get now that I’d previously never received.

Why Nioxin?

Nioxin is not only for issues with thinning hair, it is also effective with supporting naturally fine hair – you know that hair type we say we can’t do anything with! If you battle with constant scalp irritations, Nioxin will soothe & calm flakiness-enabling your hair to grow to it’s maximum strength.

Our scalps can become clogged, just like our skin. So, are you:

  • Battling to create volume in your hair?
  • Struggling with oily scalp & greasy hair?
  • Experiencing itchy flakiness?

Your scalp will thank you thank you for some TLC and the results will show in your hair.

Call me now to arrange a Nioxin consultation and a visual diagnosis of the health of your scalp, so I can advise on the perfect Nioxin program to suit you.

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