About Sylka Hair

About Sylka Hair

I created the name ‘Sylka Hair’ with a combination of my late Gran’s middle name and my Mum’s first name, both of which are Sylvia. My middle name is Katharine, which when combined, gives us ‘Sylka’.

My Gran was always a very smart, stylish Lady, until she passed away in January 2013 at the age of 97. Her hair and makeup were very important to her throughout her life, with one of her final questions being ‘Where is my lipstick?’

My Mum is most definitely following in her footsteps and they are both examples of the ‘Glamorous extension of who you are inside’, and an inspiration to me. The name ‘Sylka’ is a tribute to them both.

‘Sylka’ has a significant meaning to the way I work and the passion I feel for my business :-

‘Expressing your freedom through creativity’.

Sylka Hair by Lisa Escolme - Mobile Hairdressing at its Finest

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